V. Modernization project

Project scope.

Construction Stage I

Project Components financed by the Loan funds provided by

the Japanese International Cooperation Agency (JICA)

Component 1

Technical re-equipment of Blocks 2 and 3 facilities for ensuring regulatory treatment of the total volume of sewage water for the period of construction of new Block 1 with arrangement of the air deodorization system for Blocks' facilities.

Component 2

Construction of sewage sludge mechanical dewatering section.

Component 3

Construction of process line of sewage sludge disposal.

Component 4

Construction of new Block 1.

Component 5*

Preparation works.

*- obligations of the Ukrainian side.

Construction Stage IІ:

Component 6

Reconstruction of sewage pumping station “Pozniaky” with installation of the air deodorizing system.

Component 7

Reconstruction of sewage pumping station "Pravoberezhna" with installation of the air deodorizing system.

Component 8

Construction of the new Block 2 of the Plant.

Component 9

Reconstruction of the facilities of Block 3 of the Plant.

Component 10

Reconstruction of the main effluent channel and dissipating discharges. Construction of motor transport and repair shops, demolition of the facilities of operated Block 1.


2. Preparation works 

As of September 20, 2017 all preparation works were completed fully within the Bortnychi Sewage Treatment Plant Modernization Project (Component 5), the responsibility of the Ukrainian side as taken before the Government of Japan. Overall, a construction site (for a new construction project) with the area of 35 ha was prepared: the works were completed as concerns the construction waste transportation from the territory of the construction site. Sludge was removed from the territory of pilot sludge fields in the area of 125,000 m3. Structures of pilot sludge fields in the total area of 35,000 m3 was dissembled. Sand fill and leveling the construction site territory.


3. Sewage Treatment Process Improvement

The purpose of the Project is the modernization of existing Blocks 2 and 3 and construction of new Block 1.

New buildings of preliminary and primary treatment facilities will be constructed for each Block of BSTP. They will assume two-stage treatment with the use of motor-driven screens, grit removal facilities, basins for fat, oil, grease and grit (FOGG), and primary settling tanks within one building. The rehabilitation of aeration tanks of Blocks 2 and 3 is planned. New aeration tanks will be built for the complete biological treatment of sewage, including nitrification and denitrification zones inside.

The sewage tertiary treatment process to implemented in Block 1 will make it possible to decrease the concentration of phosphorus in accordance with the EU directives. Before discharging affluent into any water body, its UV-ray based disinfection is carried out.

At the design stage of Bortnychi Sewage Treatment Plant modernization Project, new domestic and international standards were also considered. Thus the affluent quality will be controlled by 10 parameters in future. The design capacity of the Plant will amount to 1,573,000 mper day.


4. Sewage Sludge Treatment and Disposal.

The Bortnychy Sewage Treatment Plant Modernization Project assumes the implementation of Japanese sludge treatment and disposal technologies that is expected to lower the resulting sludge volume significantly. Gravity and motor-driven thickeners are planned to decrease the sludge volume and moisture. At the next stage the dewatered sewage sludge is transported to innovative incinerators for further thermal utilization. The incineration process is so unique that it almost does not use gas to contribute to the burning process. Flue gases from incinerators are filtered in a moisturizing scrubber in order to lower the emission of pollutants as much as possible. The equipment to be installed at the implementation of the Project shall contribute to higher performance, lower power consumption and minimization of negative impacts in the environment. The end product of the sewage sludge utilization process is ash, which is planned to be used in the industry.

5. Deodorization System

The sewage treatment plant has many important facilities which are crucial for the vital activity of the city. However, as a rule these facilities are considered as those not meeting hygienic requirements. Thus municipal authorities receive numerous bad smell complaints from the city dwellers living nearby. Therefore it is crucial to solve this issue in order to decrease a negative impact on the environment and improve working conditions of the employees of Bortnychi Sewage Treatment Plant. Facilities and equipment which are a source of bad smell are sealed with covers and have an independent ventilation system. In accordance with the Project, air is cleaned by applying the following techniques: activated charcoal filtering of the polluted air or pumping it to incinerators for its burning.

6. Environmental Management Plan. Environmental Management.

When implementing the Project, necessary measures will be taken to mitigate the environmental and social impacts caused by the Project and to prevent deterioration of the existing natural environmental condition (in accordance with the Environmental Management Plan). The proper Environmental Monitoring Plan will be set up at the stage of the construction and operation of the Plant. The Contractor shall implement the Environmental Monitoring Plan at the construction stage as supervised by Consultant 2 and the Client.