III. The current state


BORTNYCHI SEWAGE TREATMENT PLANT in Kyiv (hereinafter to be referred as “BSTP”) is a single sewage treatment plant in Kyiv, which treats the overall scope of all sewage from Kyiv,and adjacent centers of population in Kyivska oblast, namely Vyshhorod, Irpin, Vyshneve, Bortnychi, Hnidyn, Shchaslyve, Chabany, Kotsiubynske, Pohreby, Novosilky, Sofiivska Borshchahivka, Petropavlivska Borshchahivka, and Hatne, which total population exceeds 5 million citizens.

BSTP consists of a big number of sophisticated engineering facilities, equipment and utilities, and occupies the territory of 151 ha, being located in Darnytskyi district of Kyiv. BSTP has three blocks of sewage treatment facilities. At the point of construction, the design capacity of the Plant amounted to 1.8 million m3a day (the design capacity of each of three blocks is 600 thousand m3/day). At the time being, the actual volume of sewage varies from 700 thousand to 1,000 million m3a day. 

With Kyiv growing in size, additional facilities in BSTP were needed. Block 1 of facilities was constructed in 1965, Block 2 in 1976, Block 3 in 1987.


Bortnychi Sewage Treatment Plant uses the classical process flow of sewage treatment. It was developed by “Kyivproekt” scientific institute as long ago as the 50-60’s of the previous century. The process flow combines both preliminary and primary treatment (screening section, grit removal facilities and primary settling tanks) and biological treatment (aeration tanks and secondary settling tanks). The process flow for sewage treatment is identical in each Block of treatment facilities. Sludge after the treatment of sewage is processed in order to decrease its volume and do disinfection. Sludge treatment is done in specialized facilities – digestion tanks and aerobic stabilizers. After the treatment, the sludge is pumped onto the sludge fields for further drying under natural conditions.

Existing sludge fields occupy the total area of over 272 ha. When designing BSTP, the volume of sludge fields was predicted as 3.5 million m3. However, in fact they are overloaded three times. Three sludge fields contain over 10 million m3of sludge. Its volume is growing day after day. Because the fields are overloaded, they are always under threat of overflowing, flooding the adjacent territories, and polluting water resources. 

Though the current BSTP technical state is poor and processes are out of date, the Plant manages to secure the high-quality treatment of sewage received from Kyiv in accordance with the relevant regulations of Ukraine.