IV. Government policy and development plans


In 2004 the Government of Ukraine formulated the Nationwide Program of Reforming and Development of the Utilities Sector”, which stated to form detailed development plans and urgent implementations for the utilities including wastewater treatment facilities which required urgent rehabilitation. The program has been revised in 2009.

In order to tackle the issues of the sewerage system of Kyiv and to improve water quality in the Dnipro river and the natural environment of Kyiv, “the Amended Program for Reforming and Development of Utility Sector of the Kyiv City, 2010-2014” and “Target Program for Potable Water of Kyiv City for 2011-2020” adopted by Kyiv City State Administration include the modernization of Bortnychi Sewage Treatment Plant.

Bortnychi Sewage Treatment Plant was constructed within the timespan of the 1960s to the 1990s. However considering significant changes in both chemical compound of influent sewage and resulting sludge, the existing process flows are out of date and should not be applied any longer till the full-scale modernization is carried out. The BSTP facilities and equipment have been in operation for 30-50 years already and never undergone any significant changes. There is a constant destruction of reinforced concrete and steel structures of the technological facilities; due to significant wear, the pumping and air blowing equipment gets out of order; the technological pipelines are destroyed by corrosion processes. The total percentage of wear of the facilities of Bortnychi Sewage Treatment Plant amounts to 70-90%. As the sewage treatment process produces sludge constantly and because no effective utilization technologies are applied, the sludge fields are overloaded increasingly. Even an accident occurred in 2013 as caused by sludge overflowing the embankment.

The sewage treatment quality does not meet the current quality standards accepted globally. And considering that the purpose of the Government of Ukraine is Ukraine’s joining the European Union (EU), it becomes crucial to meet such sewage treatment standards which comply with the respective directives of the EU member countries. What is also important is unpleasant smell in Darnytskyi district of Kyiv.

Therefore, the BSTP modernization is seen as a burning issue. The Project implementation is expected to increase the level of services rendered to the citizens of Kyiv and nearby towns of Kyivska oblast and improve environmental conditions in Kyiv and the Dnipro river.